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Norton is one of the most popular and well-known name in the world of antivirus industry. Norton offers various top features and services for securing the system from numerous dangers like ransomware, viruses, etc. If you want to keep your device safe and want to keep your data secure from all types of hackers and criminal minds then Norton Com Setup is with you! Using Norton in your device will provide excellent security to your data. Norton Code Activation is giving you all types of services and features for your device and data security. Norton gives you Sonar security, power eraser, file insight, network insight, and many more advanced services from preventing your all pernicious malware. Norton acts are a shield for your social networking sites. Norton Account Activation keeps your personal information and photos safe from any kind of exploitation. The utility gadget helps to tune-up your system and provide good backup and restore options. Norton.Com Setup Product Key guarantees you end-point protection so you can easily exchange data under a safe network.

Why do you need to Activate Norton with Product Key?

Norton Activation Keys are necessary to provide a genuine Norton Product to you. Without Norton Com Setup Enter Product Key your device is not fully protected. If you want a legitimate Norton antivirus product then Norton Internet Security Setup is vital for you. With this key, you can easily enjoy all the features of Norton antivirus. Just downloading and installing this software program is not enough; you must have to Install New Norton Product Key for better security. If you are seeking any kind of help for your activating your Norton Product Key then you are at the right place. Our technical support team is giving the best help services to Install Norton Using Product Key, we are just a call away. We are giving you round the clock services so you can get to us any time of the day.

What is Norton Com Setup Product Key?

Norton Product Key is a string of 25 characters which is imprinted on the back side of your Norton antivirus retail box. If you want to buy Norton antivirus online then you will get this key on your registered e-mail. Keep the Norton Keys safely because they are important for Norton Activation.

What are the steps for Norton Product Key Activation?

For installing the Norton antivirus securely; you need Norton Setup with Product Key. Here are the steps for Norton Activation:

  1. Log in your e-mail account which is registered in your Norton account.
  2. You will see an email from Norton
  3. Go to the email
  4. You will get your Norton Product Key
  5. Note down the key
  6. If you are using Windows 8.1 or 10, then click on the start menu and choose apps
  7. Open Norton Security just by clicking Norton icon
  8. If you are working on Windows 7 or Vista, click on your start menu and go to All Programs.
  9. Choose Norton antivirus program
  10. Tap the Norton icon
  11. If you are working on Windows XP, then go to the Start menu and search for Norton.
  12. You can also find Norton from System tray
  13. Open Norton dashboard
  14. Click on activate icon
  15. Enter Norton Product Key in the provided space
  16. Click on next
  17. Follow all the on-screen commands
  18. Your Norton antivirus has been activated.

Top FAQs about Norton Com Setup:

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  • Can I use Norton on my android phone?
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  • Does Norton offer Password manager?
  • Can I use Norton 360 Online Service Activation on Windows XP?

A user can have lots of questions in his mind while using Norton antivirus. If you have any kind of doubt about your Norton antivirus suite, you can easily call us and get the best Norton Activation support. We are round the clock available for seven days a week; so you don’t have to worry, just pick up your phone and contact us for help.

What are the merits of using Norton antivirus in your computer or Smartphone?

  • Today, people merely use CDs or flash drives for sharing data. This has reduced the chances of getting a virus from other devices. But at the same time, the internet itself becomes an open gate for viruses, Trojans, ransomware, and other very harmful online threats. If you use Norton antivirus in your device; it will keep your data, your device as well as your network safe from all kind of offline and online threats.
  • Norton offers an excellent firewall which monitors the traffic actively. It checks your network’s incoming and outgoing data; if it gets any malicious behavior then it immediately blocks the network and keeps your data safe and secure.
  • Using Norton in a Smartphone is very helpful. It gives an anti-theft feature where you can track your device’s location. If someone steals your device and tries to open the phone; after three fail attempts, Norton will capture his photo and sends it to you in your registered email.
  • Norton provides a password manager known as Norton Key Safe where you can store your all account details, passwords, etc safely.

Norton is such wonderful security software which offers various suites according to the user’s need and device compatibility. But if a user gets into any error, we are always there for you. Out Norton Activation team is well-trained and can easily fix all your error related to Norton. You can easily get the support over a phone call. If you are uncomfortable with Norton telephonic support then you can also use our live chat help portal.

Common glitches you may face with wwwnorton Activate?

Many customers face an issue where after completing the whole installation and activation process they get “service canceled” on the screen. This error can occur due to numerous reasons where the Norton asked you to install the antivirus again. Here we have mentioned some situations where you can get this type of error:

If you have previously installed security software in your device, it can conflict with the Norton antivirus program. So it’s better to remove all other security software before installing Norton in your device.

  • It can also occur if you have an existing malware in your device which is detected by the Norton antivirus.
  • When there is some issue in Operating System files.
  • When your program files got corrupted
  • Sometimes you deleted Norton related files mistakenly
  • When your device does not fulfill the system requirement of your Norton Product
  • This error also occurs when you are offline and trying to access Norton features which require internet connection.

My internet is not working after installing Norton Antivirus

There can be many reasons for internet connection failure. Firstly check your internet connection on another device. If the internet is working fine on other devices then you should check Norton’s Firewall. Many times, if you try to open a website which seems suspicious; Norton’s Firewall blocks the network for security reasons. Try disabling your Norton’s Firewall:

  1. Close all your running programs
  2. Restart your device
  3. Open Norton’s dashboard
  4. Click on Settings
  5. Tap the Detailed settings button
  6. Choose Firewall
  7. Go to general settings
  8. Toggle the button next to Smart Firewall
  9. You will get a protection alert dialog box
  10. Tap on Apply
  11. Choose Permanently
  12. Click OK button
  13. Restart your device

Now try to use your internet connection

I am unable to Renew Norton

If your Norton suite gets expired; you will receive a Setup With Product Key pop-up every time you open your device. Here are the steps for Norton Installation With Product Key:

    1. Close all running program
    2. Restart your device
    3. Go to Norton Dashboard
    4. Click on Activate Norton Product Key/Renew
    5. Click on I have Product Key
  • Enter Norton Product Key Code To Activate
  1. Hit Submit button
  2. Hit Ok button

While activating Norton antivirus, a user can get lots of errors. If you don’t know more about technical terms then asking for professional support can be helpful. If you want any kind of help anytime, we are here for you. We are 24*7 available for you for providing the best technical support to our customer.